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What are press on nails and fake nails?

What are press on nails and fake nails?

Press on nails are artificial acrylic nails that have already been made up ready to stick to the natural nail. Depending on the quality of the nail, they can last up to 2 weeks on the nail. If applied correctly, they can look and feel just like acrylic nails.

   Fake nails can lengthen short nails, making your fingers look long and slender. They can also be hard on your nails. To get acrylic nails (a type of artificial nail) to stick, the surface of your natural nails must be filed until they feel rough. This thins your natural nails, making them weaker.

Are press on nails the same as fake nails?

   Press-on nails and fake nails are similar in that they are both artificial nail enhancements, but there are some key differences between the two:

1. **Application Method**:
- **Press-On Nails**: These are pre-designed artificial nails with adhesive backing that can be easily applied at home by pressing them onto the natural nails. They are typically temporary and can be removed without the need for soaking.
- **Fake Nails**: Fake nails typically refer to nail extensions created using acrylic, gel, or other materials that are applied over the natural nails in a salon setting. The application process for fake nails often involves the use of chemicals, shaping, and curing under UV light.

2. **Duration**:
- **Press-On Nails**: These are designed to be temporary and are typically worn for a few days to a week before needing to be replaced or removed.
- **Fake Nails**: Nail extensions created using acrylic or gel are more long-lasting and require infills every few weeks as the natural nails grow.

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3. **Material**:
- **Press-On Nails**: These are usually made of lightweight plastic or acrylic and come in various designs and lengths.
- **Fake Nails**: Acrylic and gel nails used in salons are made of different materials and are usually more durable and customizable in terms of shape and thickness.

4. **Removal**:
- **Press-On Nails**: They can be easily removed at home by gently peeling them off the natural nails, typically without causing significant damage.
- **Fake Nails**: Acrylic or gel nails applied in a salon require professional removal techniques, which may involve soaking in acetone or filing down the extensions.

5. **Cost**:
- **Press-On Nails**: These are often more affordable and convenient, making them a popular choice for quick nail enhancements.
- **Fake Nails**: Salon-applied fake nails can be more expensive due to the skill and time required for application.

   In summary, while both press-on nails and fake nails are artificial enhancements for nails, they differ in terms of application method, duration of wear, materials used, removal process, and cost. Press-on nails are typically easier to apply and remove at home, offering a temporary and convenient solution, while fake nails are more permanent and require professional application and removal processes.

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