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How Often Should You Get A Manicure?

Do You Know How Often Should You Get A Manicure?    

  Getting a manicure is one of the best ways to spoil yourself. It can make you feel

instantly better, not to mention those glamorous new nails that you will get to

wear for the next couple of weeks. But how often can you get a mani done?

Are there any considerations to take into account? I spent some time researching

the possibilities and would like to share my findings with you here today.

    So, how often should you get a manicure? You can look to have a   

professional manicure once every 1-2 weeks, although the frequency will

depend on what you want done, your personal preferences and your budget. If

you want pristine nails with no chips and want to keep them slightly longer, a

professional manicure done once per week is advised. Alternatively, if you want

shorter nails where you are able to touch them up yourself, a professional

manicure every two weeks makes sense.

gel polish

    Either way the quicker your nails grow and the more you use your hands, the

more they will require a manicure. And while you certainly can do your own

manicure at home, out of time, convenience and effort alone, going to the salon

usually makes more sense.

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