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What products do you need to prepare to open a hair salon?

What products do you need to prepare to open a hair salon?

Do you know what products do you need to prepare to open a hair salon in the United States?Let's discuss this topic together today.

To open a hair salon in the United States, you'll need to prepare a variety of products. Here are some essential items:

1. Haircare Products: Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, styling products (such as mousses, gels, serums, and sprays), hair oils, and treatments.

2. Hair Color Products: Depending on the services you offer, you'll need hair dyes, bleaches, developers, toners, and other color additives. This may also include professional-grade brushes, bowls, and mixing supplies.

3. Styling Tools: Ensure you have a range of styling tools such as professional-grade hairdryers, flat irons, curling irons, diffusers, brushes (paddle brushes, round brushes, vent brushes), combs, and hair rollers.

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4. Hair Cutting Tools: Scissors, clippers, trimmers, electric razors, thinning shears, and other cutting tools required for various haircuts and styles.

5. Salon Furniture: Styling chairs, salon wash basins, salon carts, styling stations, reception desks, waiting area seating, and any other necessary furniture for your salon.

6. Salon Equipment: Hooded hair dryers, hair steamers, heat lamps, salon mirrors, trolleys, towel warmers, and other equipment specific to salon operations.

7. Hair Extensions and Wigs: If you plan to offer hair extension services, you'll need a variety of hair extensions, clip-ins, tape-ins, bonding materials, and wig options for purchase or installation.

8. Sanitation and Sterilization Products: Disinfectants, sanitizing wipes, sanitizing sprays, sterilizing equipment (such as autoclaves for tool sterilization), and disposable items for single-use (such as capes, towels, and neck strips).

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9. Retail Products: Consider offering a selection of retail products for clients to purchase, such as haircare products, styling tools, brushes, hair accessories, and other related items.

10. Salon Supplies: Hair foils, hair clips, hairpins, gloves, disposable caps, disposable gloves, salon capes, salon towels, and other necessary supplies for salon operations.

Remember to consider the quality and brands of the products you choose, as well as the specific needs and preferences of your clientele. Consulting with hair professionals, attending industry trade shows, and researching reputable suppliers will help you make informed decisions while preparing your hair salon.

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